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Organoleptic properties and food pairings

Limpid and dense aspect, yellow-golden colour, intense smell and slightly fruity taste.
Acidity no higher than 0.90%, obtained by complying with the required picking and processing rules and by avoiding chemical falsifications.

Well paired with strong flavour dishes: bruschetta, roast, cooked legumes, vegetables soups, focaccia and salads. It is ideal to enhance delicate flavour courses: steamed fish, bresaola and vegetables.


Intense flavour and almond aroma extra virgin olive oil

For more demanding palates, we offer Torì, olive oil made from the most valuable Apulian olives: Coratina (80%) and Ogliarola (20%). The combination of the two varieties gives an intense yellow olive oil, in which the typical pungency of the green oil made from the Coratina variety (due to the presence of polyphenols – E vitamin) is softened by the almond aroma of the Ogliarola yellow oil.


Controlled origin extra-virgin olive oil

It is made from olives grown with organic farming. It is free from defects and taste alterations. For this reason, all the harvest, conservation, oil extraction and bottling phases are controlled. The ICEA certification guarantees to consumers that the oil directly comes from the producer and in sealed packaging and that it fully complies with the official control body requirements.

The DOP Terra di Bari olive oil

The biggest certified olive orchard in Italy.

The “Terra di Bari” registered designation of origin is only granted to extra virgin olive oil made at least 80% from Coratina olives and 20% from other varieties present in the area.
Due to the presence of phenolic compounds, phospholipids and fat-soluble vitamins, the extra virgin olive oil

produced in this area has valuable health-improving properties. It is highly digestible, it prevents liver and heart diseases and free radicals formation.