The Territory

Toritto, a territory to be revalued. From the medieval vestiges to karst grottos
A foreshortening of the most typical Murgia of Puglia

The territory extends over an area of 74 square km, over the Puglia Murgia tableland, and includes rocky calcareous soils affected by karstic phenomena, among which there are the Pulicchio di Toritto chasm and the San Martino grotto. The mild climate and the fertile soil of this area fostered a century-old and valuable cultivation of olive groves, almond groves and vine. From a historical point of view, the origins of Toritto date back to the early Middle Ages, whose traces can still today be admired in the “Palazzo marchesale” and in the Torre dell’Orologio (Clock Tower) in the old square.

Today Toritto is also a necessary passage to get to Matera, designated as 2019 European Capital of Culture. Its agrarian landscape mainly consists in olive groves, but, in the southern area, you can admire an awesome hardwood and coniferous trees wood, inserted in a wider area dedicated to high-altitude pasture. One peculiarity of this area is the presence of the Barletta-Grumo Appula sheep-track cutting across the whole territory on the northern-western/southern-eastern route about 7 km far from the town center, towards the Quasano hamlet. About two thousand hectares of the municipal territory are included in the Parco Nazionale dell’Alta Murgia (Alta Murgia National Park).