The Farm

An eco-friendly oasis in the heart of Puglia

Managed and cultivated by the Devito family since the early ‘900, it extends between the Toritto, Binetto and Grumo Appula territory.

A small oasis in which the work done in the fields and the fruits of the land crossed generations offering, still today, an example of the best agriculture in Puglia.

Among its productions:

Extra virgin olive oil

With an annual yield of about 500 quintals, made 80% from organic oil and 20% from DOP Terra di Bari olive oil.

Extra virgin oil made from the Coratina variety

Also named “Racioppo”, and from the “peranzana” variety, in small quantities and for connaisseurs. In particular, the “peranzana” variety, originating in Provence, after which it is named, is told to have been imported into Puglia by Prince Raimondo de Sangro. Such variety yields a type of oil characterised by low acidity, by unique sensory features and by a high content in chlorophyll and carotene.

Toritto almonds

“Filippo Cea” type, about to be granted the PDO status thanks to the work done by the Association having the same name, founded by the grandchildren and descendants of the agronomist who discovered it, the Devito family is member of.

Malvasia Nero wine grape