The Oleificio
Specialized in and certified for the whole sale of olive oil in bulk, also abroad

We grow and process the refined “coratina” and “ogliarola” olive oil varieties, ripened under the sun of the green terraces of the Bari northern countryside area in Toritto. This passion was born in the family-owned farm and, though experience

grew till giving rise to the Toritto’s olive oil company. Our path is characterized by attention to eco-friendly quality, thanks to which we boast to have some of the key national companies in the industry as our clients.


Technology, passion for excellence and certified quality

The oleificio avails itself of a continuous flow Pieralisi oil mill, through which all the extraction and storage in stainless steel tanks and piping phases are carried out without interruption and without air contact. Our production processes were granted the ICEA and AIAB certifications, which are necessary to guarantee that the aroma and the refined organoleptic properties are preserved.


The cold pressing process, carried out with centrifugal force, also makes it possible to separate water from olive oil, thus preserving and keeping its valuable organoleptic properties intact. Same attention is given to selecting and picking olives: directly from the grove trees and without any mechanical means, the precious fruits of the Bari earth are processed within twenty-four hours since the picking (done by beating with poles).



The Istituto per la certificazione Etica e Ambientale (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) guarantees to consumers that the olive oil directly comes from the producer as well as its full compliance with regulations in force.


Associazione Italiana per l'Agricoltura Biologica (Italian Association for Organic Farming) - Certification by the Ministry R.A.A.F. n. 9697171 of 12/12/99.